We-Vibe Sync Review

We-Vibe Sync Review

It’s not the first time I write reviews about sex toys. Before, I told you, dear friends, about the We-Vibe, about the advantages and functional abilities of this vibrator. I use all the toys that I describe in the reviews, because an honest and sincere review cannot be written without real product testing. I tested all the new We-Vibe, except We-Vibe 2. In each new model of vibrators, I observed innovations that manufacturers add to the devices. Thus, theoretically, each new device should be better than the previous version.

I was disappointed by one detail; it is the motor of these vibrators. All devices We-Vibe disappoint me only because of its motor. For example, if we begin to compare We-Vibe with the Tango motors, which vibrators engine are much better. But when I heard that there was a new vibrator the We-Vibe Sync, I decided that I should definitely try it, because the manufacturers are convinced that this model is the best in the lineup. I don’t want to hear other people’s speculation regarding the improved motor of this device. I have to experience everything by myself!

We-Vibe Sync Review

I begin my story, welcome!

Hallelujah! Give me more power!

You want my opinion? Then prepare to listen. We-Vibe still hasn’t become a perfect toy for me in terms of power. So for my g-spot, its strength wasn’t enough. Some of the reviews I’ve read about this device assure me that it has the same engine as the Tango vibrator. But personally, I didn’t notice the similarities, to be honest! Now as regards the impact on the clitoris. In this regard, the device is certainly worthy of praise.

The handle of the vibrator that stimulates this erogenous zone is very powerful and functional. In comparison with the previous models of vibrators, there is definitely a difference. In the upper modes, the device operates with sufficient noise and intensity. But the impact on the g-spot looks much weaker. And personally for me this circumstance is extremely important and essential. I need the g-spot to get enough pulsation and vibration. We-Vibe does not give the required level of vibration for this my zone. I don’t even know what to compare this lack of vibration intensity with. Well, let’s say you have a bee in your vagina that buzzes but doesn’t bite and just flies. That is, you will feel her presence, but you will not get more effect. I also felt myself with a We-Vibe vibrator. Of course, perhaps someone will tell me that if the sensations of the device were deeper and more sensitive, then the effect from the penis would be much weaker and would have a distracting effect.

We-Vibe Sync Review

And again, remember one important detail – this toy is an auxiliary element for sexual games in which couples participate. For single leisure, this toy is not very suitable. And to be honest, I’m a little annoyed by that fact. I don’t understand why they make vibrators for couples that can’t be used alone. Although the application of a double motor vibrator device, of course, makes its functionality higher and more efficient.

What happens if you combine a sex toy and PlayDoh?

I like the fact that this device is very mobile and ergonomic. You can adjust its size to fit your body and enjoy as much as you want. I like that manufacturers have added a novelty for sexual entertainment so mobile joints, which greatly facilitate the entire process of the game.

We-Vibe Sync Review

All this indicates that the device for vibration We-Vibe is suitable for many women with different anatomical features and sizes. Before the appearance of this device, the consumer could choose only between two types of vibrators of this kind: with a classic fit and a tight fit. Now everything has changed, and I am very happy about it. If to speak about my personal peculiarities of the physiology, then to me the previous two landings do not fit in. Vibrators of the last generation were constantly dangling and slipping out of my vulva. Now, with the new device We-Vibe everything became much more convenient. You can play with this vibrator as with a constructor. It is so plastic and multifunctional that it opens up completely new opportunities for you. The user is offered a wide range of possibilities for the application of a vibrator. The impact on the g-spot here can be different levels; clitoral stimulation will also change as soon as you start to change the hinge mechanisms. Change directions and get new benefits with We-Vibe vibrator! Manage loops in the vibrator, because this is the only way you will achieve the maximum desired result. If we talk about me, I did not immediately cope with this task by clicking on the loop. I want to warn you that this process requires effort and time.

Additional improvements to the We-Vibe vibrator

It is interesting to observe how during the production of various vibrators of this brand the mechanisms of its work changed and improved. Each new model became better than the previous version. For example, if we talk about charging methods, this device has a fundamentally new, improved method. We remember the Nova device, which was equipped with a steep charging based on a magnetic platform. Also, you can give an example of Vibe Sync sports, which has a high-quality magnetic field.

We-Vibe Sync Review

Brand Lelo has issued a proprietary right to own induction charging. Since then, this mechanism has been the most effective. The essence of it is as follows: you insert a special platform inside the device. There are no magnets or tubes involved. It’s simple. In combination with the magnetic installation mechanism works perfectly. The vibrator will charge perfectly and quickly and you do not need to worry about the quality of charging. I even experimented with synchronization during charging, I did it perfectly!

Features of the application

If we talk about connecting to applications to control the device using We-Connect app, then not everything is going well, I will tell you directly and honestly. I tried several times to run this app and attach my toy to it and every time something went wrong. We-Vibe Sync is a real horror! The connection established via Bluetooth, constantly breaks, I only need to move my feet, as the connection is lost. It’s unbearable! How can you get an orgasm in such stressful conditions?!

For playing in public places, this toy is also not particularly good, and all because of poor contact with the operating system. By the way, I have already read other people’s reviews about this app. Users write that the application simply does not load or there is a regular failure. I have the application loaded, and in this sense there were no problems. Maybe because I have an Android operating system?

My recommendations and personal feelings after using We -Vibe

Summing up my personal feelings, I can tell you the following. Choose this device if you are attracted to the fact that the vibrator is suitable for a variety of vaginal size. If you are attracted to the moment that you will be able to change the impact on your body thanks to the loops and hinges. In this case, you can also choose this device for pleasure. If to speak about me, I’m every time worried about whether there will be this vibrator inside me in time sex or drop out. For me, such worries are unattractive.

We-Vibe Sync Review

I also want to immediately warn you that if your partner has a fairly large penis, then you will not use this toy very nice and comfortable. You will feel that in your vagina a lot of unnecessary elements. It seemed to me that I even began to feel painful feelings.

In general, I can say that this vibrator, of course, has significant improvements in its functionality. But I still get more of their favorite toys: the Tango, Touch, Nova. I really need bright and strong vibrations of the clitoris. I really need this stimulation. I need my g-spot to feel the violent effects that make me moan. And, yes, one more thing – Bluetooth! I damn wish the connection didn’t disappear at the most crucial moments.

And in exchange for my honest review, I was sent a new product – We-Vibe, absolutely free!

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We-Vibe Sync Review
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