Womanizer Pro 40 Review

Womanizer Pro 40 Review

I love to observe sex toys, especially recently, manufacturers have made a lot of good things which are worth to try them. I want to try all the options.

Details of the vibrator

Here are just some of the vibrators that I tested on myself and was really satisfied with. First I tried Womanizer which was quite expensive but damn good. Then another brand – Satisfier released a cheaper counterpart, which was not very similar to Womanizer, but some features were still the same. The next step in the development of sexual toys was the presentation of the new Womanizer Pro 40. This device is contactless, its main stimulation is directed to the clitoris area. New generation device works fine and by the way its price is lower than the first Womanizer! Of course not all versions of the Womanizer I tried, there are just a lot of them and some of them are quite similar to each other, but comparing with those devices that I have experienced Pro 40 really decent product!

The new product is cheaper than the previous model of the vibrator. But now this device is absolutely not afraid of water, and this is very important. I like to use a vibrator in the shower or while taking a bath. And wash the device much more convenient if it is made of water-repellent materials, agree?! The surface of the toy is made of cool material, luxurious, smooth, like a human organ! I really like to touch this subject, it is ideal for me anatomically. To be honest, I don’t like the name of this vibrator. I do not understand why it was impossible to give the name of this device more stylish and suitable? Well, okay, the main thing for the toy is the functionality and safety. And the name…, but at least let the hell it’s called!

How does it work in reality

Are you ready to hear this? Then get ready and listen! You take Womanizer Pro 40, and hold on to your clitoris. The silicone part of the device creates the necessary vacuum. The soft cup you point to the clitoris. Now began procedure suction which acts on already excited the clitoris. Feelings are very cool and gentle. Orgasm comes gradually, as if wave of. If you’ve ever had a great cunnilingus , you can understand. This stimulation is very similar to clitoral caress.

The Womanizer Pro40 vibrator is suitable for women with different anatomical features. The shape and size of the clitoris of each girl is special, and this device can satisfy most women, I’m just sure of it. Here work well as 8 different modes of the preferences, so every woman will find a way to get a clitoral orgasm. Imagine, there is even an option – orange backlight. This gives an atmosphere of warmth and joy, believe me!

I want to pay special attention to the ergonomic and very comfortable shape of the device, the Womanizer Pro40 even in the water will not fall out of your hands. The handle of the vibrator, made of high quality and durable silicone fits perfectly in your hand. Also, I note that the vibrator has a light weight.

Now let me tell you about the color palette of Womanizer Pro40. You will be able to order only two types of devices for caress – one will be bright silver color. Also, you can choose a rich purple hue. The colors for the vibrator are pretty extravagant, aren’t they? I think the manufacturer of sex toy should opt for products more restrained shades, although this is my subjective opinion.

How to care for the vibrator Womanizer Pro40

Womanizer Pro 40 Review

First I have to focus on the material from which this toy was made. It is a safe composition, a fully silicon-based, which absolutely harmless for human body. Also, the vibrator Womanizer Pro40 is waterproof and does not contain any harmful substances in its composition. It can be used even under water, which I personally love.

However there is a small problem, and the name of this problem – the abundance of seams on the surface of the product. It does not harm my skin, but it is quite difficult to clean the device after its use. After all, the vibrator must be thoroughly washed before and after use. I hope the next Womanizer model will be more smooth and seamless.

While washing the device, remove the top of the head for a while, then lower the pressure chamber into a vessel with warm boiled water. Allow the device to work in water, so all the dirt is better washed. To wash the cap also use boiled water. Soap solutions are also well suited for cleaning the vibrator. By the way, when you play with a vibrator, always use a lubricant that has only a water base. This rule is suitable for most modern vibrators.

When you start to charge the device, keep in mind – to fully charge the battery, which is inside the vibrator you need at least 2 hours. With a full battery, you can enjoy the vibrator for quite a long time. If Womanizer Pro40 will just lie in your closet, the charge will not go away and it’s a great advantage!

How it is Packed

The device for sexual pleasures Womanizer has a good and stylish packaging. Included are the device itself, instructions for use, a pair of silicone tips, adapter, cable cord. The truth is I haven’t found a case for storage of the vibrator. Its a pity, the manufacturers didn’t provide this part.

My feelings after using Pro 40

I have already told you in my previous reviews about the vibrator Satisfyer Pro 2. Now, these two vibrators have a lot in common, at least for me. Both the first and second ones are set to satisfy women with stimulation without contact.

Let’s compare Satisfyer Pro 2 and Womanizer Pro 40

For me, the Pro40 is much quieter and softer. Its work is almost inaudible. When working Pro40 I have the feeling that the cat meows nearby and I like it. When the excitement increases and I change the mode to more intense, its sounds become louder, but still they are much quieter than the sound of the Satisfyer Pro 2. This modern vibrator immediately starts to make a lot of noise as soon as I pressed the ON button. However, when I brought the Pro 2 to my clitoris, the sounds became weaker.

Pro40 has 2 silicone heads, which means you have more chances to get different stimulation and orgasms. For each size of the clitoris there is a Cup. The effect of suction acts on me excitingly and orgasm comes very quickly. In Pro 2, you can only use one head.

It seems to me that the impact force of Womanizer Pro40 is much greater than that of its analog. Here, the pressure and air flow distribution system is at a higher level than that of the Satisfyer Pro 2.

But on the other hand, with all the obvious advantages of Womanizer Pro40 , I declare that I like the Satisfyer Pro 2 and I will continue to deal with it. I can get a bright and unforgettable pleasure with this vibrator in just one minute! As well as a Womanizer that does this also very efficiently. In terms of speed of onset of orgasm both vibrator is good enough.

I still haven’t tried the latest speed setting in the Pro40. All because I’m satisfied much earlier and at lower speeds. For me, the optimal modes of this device are 5 and 6.

Womanizer Pro40 allows women to get several different orgasms and these are its strength and dignity. Contactless stimulation allows the clitoris to be satisfied endlessly. I get with Womanizer Pro40 5 orgasms during one game!


I like my new silicone friend – my Womanizer Pro 40. Its my favorite one tonight. Its quality and price are fully consistent with each other.

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Womanizer Pro 40 Review
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